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Purposeful Resume Writing

By now, most people know they should tailor their resume to the position they are applying for. When an HR department or a hiring manager reviews your resume, they will be reviewing it for the following concepts rather quickly:

· How your skills and experience match the job

· Level of expertise and education

· Key accomplishments

What about tailoring your resume to include your purpose? This idea often gets overlooked but is key to standing out when everyone is using the same key terms in their resumes. Your resume should give the reader sense of why you do what you do.

So, where can you add a bit more purpose?

First, allow your purpose to come through in your professional summary. In my last post, I covered a formula on how to write a dynamic professional summary and first portion of the formula is where you describe yourself. These words are absolutely crucial. For example, let’s say you are a great manager who is passionate about taking care of employees. Instead of saying “Enthusiastic leader,” what if you tried “Dedicated servant leader” in your professional summary? This tells HR that you selflessly lead your team and it gives insight into your management ideals.

You can also show purpose through your key accomplishments. Essentially, you are able showcase what is important to you through how you measure success. If you measure success by positively impacting a high number of people, describe that! Maybe success to you is saving your department money so the budget can fund and innovate exciting new programs… write about it! Let your career and purpose shine through these moments.

These simple adjustments will give an employer insight as to what makes you different. In a job market where resumes start to look cookie-cutter, showcasing your experience and accomplishments in tandem with your purpose will get you a step closer to the interview.

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